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5 Culture Trends for 2022

As the workplace continues to rapidly evolve and organizations struggle to find and keep talent, leaders must also focus on planning for an unknown future. What will 2022 bring for workplace cultures? Here are five corporate culture trends and how you can prepare for them. Whether it’s returning to the office with precautions, going 100% remote, or adopting a hybrid work model, the reality is that companies must now offer more flexibility in the workplace. But flexibility applies to more than

Your Essential Guide to Building a Recognition Program

A step-by-step guide to achieving an engaging workplace culture through employee recognition. 2) Give everyone a chance to recognize. Ensure everyone has opportunity to give and receive recognition equally, no matter what level, function, area, or location they are in. Don’t forget remote employees, whose work may be less visible to those in the office. Build one central, global program that all employees can use to give and receive recognition. Ensure employees have a consistent experience,

American Airlines: Breakthrough in Commitment to Employees

Recognition unifies and lifts employees during times of uncertainty. “As we went through the process it became very evident that O.C. Tanner really had the tools, the systems, the people, and the expertise that we were looking for. It was a good match to where we were on this journey. They would really bring best-in-class recognition to American,” says McManus. After gathering feedback from team members across the airline, McManus and her team worked with O.C. Tanner to create an improved recog